Choosing the Right Spacing for Fence Sections

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Choosing the Right Spacing for Fence Sections

When you're building a fence, you may have many questions emerge as you go through the building process. One of the common questions that many have while building their fence is about choosing the right spacing for fence sections. This all depends upon the type of fence that you are building. The type of fence that you have chosen now may potentially require additional maintenance, affect costs in the future and can even change the entire aesthetics of your yard. So selecting the right spacing for your fence sections is kind of a big deal.

What Size Fence Section

There is some hope for you though. Since most pieces come in 6-8 feet sections, it is best practice to stay within these ranges. There are some exceptions that may arise, however. For example, if you come across a slope or a hill, the fence section may need to be cut tweaked so that it can accommodate these features. That is why it is important to survey land before building a fence. It will allow you to plan for any obstructions, such as slopes and hills. Plus, it is important to survey your land before starting your fence project as it will help to expose anything underground that may potentially get in the way, such as buried wires or pipes.

Additional Fence Features

Another thing to keep in mind is whether or not your fence is going to have a gate. If you decide that your fence needs a gate, you will need to cut into a section of the fence to install it. While a gate is not always necessary, it is a nice feature to have and can always be locked if you are not planning on using it.

Just be sure that you are choosing the right style of gate for your fence. The chances are that you don't want to have an aluminum gate on your wood fence. It will definitely stand out, and the seamless look of the fence will be ruined.

When building a fence and choosing the right spacing options, you want to remember:

  • • What type of material is going to be used
  • • If there are any hills, slopes or other obstructions
  • • Any features that will be added, such as a gate

While there are many different reasons to build a fence, you want the end outcome to be something that is both practical, ascetically pleasing and will last through the years. While the fence posts are considered the foundation of your fence, the siding of the fence is equally as important.

By spacing out your fence siding correctly, you will have a fence that not just looks good, but works equally as well. And when you add a feature such as a gate, you will be able to protect your yard, but not be trapped in it.


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